Brushes, Combs, etc.
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The Finishing Touches!

Let Pruitt's service all your grooming needs. We have every kind of hand tool known to man or beast!

The New "Comfy Care" Line by Classic
Comfy Care products have a Soft, Non-slip Handle that provides Cushion and Control to Absorb Pressure and Reduce Fatigue.

They are carefully designed to minimize effort and maximize efficiency.

Their nickel-plated steel ball-tip pins and gentle on an animals sensitive skin.

And durable ABS plastic reduces breakage, making them a great overall grooming tool product.
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Slicker Brushes

Use this brush to remove dead and unwanted hair and to stimulate the coat and skin. This brings out the natural oils to keep the skin healthy and the coat shiny.
Dematting Tools

Matt breakers, Rakes and other Dematting Tools are designed to get rid of mats and tangles, as well as, safely removing "thatch" and loose undercoat.


We have a variety of combs designed for removing loose hair and dead undercoat. Shedding combs will safely remove "thatch" and is ideal for general grooming and hair gathering. We have flea combs too!
Hemostats and Hair Pullers

Removes hair from the animal's ear canal.

Nail Tools

Whether it's nail trimmers, nail files or cuticle cutters you need, we have them all.

We also carry nail tools for cats.
Miller's Forge Hand Tools

We carry the complete Miller's Forge Line of Grooming Hand Tools.

Let Us Keep You Looking Good!