Scissors and Nail Trimmers
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There's no-one "Sharper" than Pruitts

At Pruitts, in addition to our own superior line of scissors, we carry Miller's Forge, Monk, and Vogel-Just Rite.

The Pruitt Perfect Edge Scissor Line

Available in:

7 1/2" Straight                                             8 1/4" Straight (88 Style)

7 1/2" Curved                                              8 1/4" Curved

7 1/2" Bent Shank Straight                            8 1/4" Bent Shank Straight

7 1/2" Bent Shank Curved                             8 1/4" Bent Shank Curved

7 1/2" Stilleto Straight                                  8 1/4" Stilleto Straight

7 1/2" Stilleto Curved                                   8 1/4" Stilleto Curved

7 1/2" Bent Shank Stilleto Straight                 8 1/4" Bent Shank Stilleto Straight

7 1/2" Bent Shank Stilleto Curved                  8 1/4" Bent Shank Stilleto Curved


10" Straight

10" Curved

10" Bent Shank Straight

10" Bent Shank Curved

10" Stilleto Straight

10" Stilleto Curved

10" Bent Shank Stilleto Straight

10" Bent Shank Stilleto Curved


New Flip-Over Shear

Available in 8 1/4" Straight and Curved

and 10" Straight and Curved.





At Pruitts, our scissor line is unique due to the hand held method in which they are finished and sharpened. Using a 100 year old german method, each pair is hollow ground by hand on a hand-made wheel. We are one of 6 locations nationwide using this time proven, labor intensive method of sharpening, and the only one in the south. We don't CUT corners, so you you can get a perfect CUT each and every time.

Our prices are unbeatable! We sell to you for almost half of the national comparable brand.

  Get More for Less at Pruitt's

Why pay over 150.00 for a pair of scissors, when at Pruitt's you can get higher quality at a better price? Our scissors come in 7.5", 8.5", and 10" sizes. They are available in straight and curved blades and bent shanks.

We are INTRODUCING a new shear, The Pruitt Perfect Edge Flip-Over Shear. This revolutionary design can be used flipped up or down, and used universally by either a right or left-handed user.

Remember, at Pruitt's ALL of our scissors are hand picked and hand finished. We offer higher quality at a lesser price. We Guarantee It!

We have Miller's Forge, Monk and Vogel-Just Rite

At Pruitt's, we have a scissor for every need. Let us supply your cutlery needs. We carry full lines of Miller's Forge, Monk, and Vogel-Just Rite.

Miller's Forge, one of the oldest scissor manufacturers in the country, is time tested and proven. Their shears come in a variety of styles and sizes, and are available with a teflon coating in 3 colors, Pink, Black and Blue, as well as multi-colored.

Monk scissors are unique due to the light-weight, thinner blade design. Many have tried to copy it, but none are the original.

Vogel-Just Rite scissors are one of the oldest national brands.

Miller's Forge, Vogel Just Rite, and Monk

Millers Forge 46 Tooth Thinning Shears

If Precision Counts - Count on Pruitt's!